Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Jesuits and Alinsky: A Love Story

Given what we have seen from Jesuit universities, colleges, and Pope lately, this is not a surprise.

...A 2014 article in the journal Jesuit Higher Education spends 18 pages urging faculty nationwide to include Alinsky’s books and thinking as a central feature of the curriculum at the country’s 221 Catholic colleges and universities....

 ...History professor Michael Kazin, of the Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, defends Alinsky while speaking of him alongside “a community organizer from Calcutta named Mother Teresa.”

Alinsky frequently spoke at Catholic venues and regularly advised young seminarians who were eager to improve the well-being of the men and women they would soon be serving, many of whom were poor and needed help organizing themselves to demand jobs and better services from local authorities,” Kazin wrote in the New Republic in 2012.

The FBI described Alinsky’s ties to Catholic organizations in the narrative of a 1972 investigation in Baltimore. The agency found Alinsky working with the Industrial Areas Foundation, a nationwide network of faith-based community organizing groups, and Baltimore’s North East Community Organization...

He was also tight with Capone's mob--specifically "Big Ed" Stash, the mob's top assassin.  Alinsky claims to have learned a lot from the mob, which he described as 'heaven.'   Alinsky was also close to the CIO during its Communist-infested days.

And of course, Alinsky got money and 'moral' backing from the Catholic Church--specifically a Mgr. Egan, Bishop Steil, and lots and lots of parishes around the country.  Alinsky's IAF also spawned the Gamaliel Foundation, active in "equity" causes and--again--largely Catholic church-centric.  

You won't be surprised to learn that B. Hussein Obama was Gamaliel's lawyer while he was in Chicago being a community organizer.

(In Wisconsin, MICAH and WISDOM are offshoots of a very active GAMALIEL organization.)

So far, the Jesuits have not adopted the methodology of John L Lewis' United Mineworkers' Union or Capone's Mob for dealing with opposition.  They merely lend their diminishing "Catholic" credibility and some faux-moral "social justice" clothing to the Rough Beast slouching toward Bethlehem, which Beast that Order more and more resembles.


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