Saturday, November 09, 2019

Motives Matter.

WTMJ Channel 4 ran a short piece on the "gun control" brouhaha last night.

They interviewed two people--one whose son had been killed by a perp using a stolen gun*--the other owns Fletcher Arms in Waukesha. 

...But Shumpert [the mom] and Eaton [Fletcher Arms] both believe that state Democrats and Republicans should be able to have civil, serious discussions about guns - including a pair of bills calling for universal background checks, and allowing judges to take away guns from people deemed a threat....
*The perp STOLE a gun and killed her son.  What part of 'background checks' or 'red flag' would have prevented that??

Anyhow.  Eaton's flexibility on "universal background checks" is not because he's a nice guy.  Under all proposals for UBC's, ANY transfer of a gun (sister-to-sister,  granny-to-grand-daughter, father-to-son,) will require a background check which will be run through a gun dealerThe gun dealer will be paid $50.00 or more to run that check. 

Takes the dealer about 10 minutes' time to run the check.  Cha-Ching!!

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