Thursday, November 07, 2019

A Serious Wacky-Lefto (D) Candidate?

While Bloomberg is as wacky-lefto as most of them (but not all of them) he's a Serious Candidate because he has actively and loudly supported ONLY the gun-grab and baby-kill portions of the current (D) recipe.

Well, yes, there is that little thing where he openly praised the ChiCom dictators for being dictators.

Fiscally, he's pretty good.   But if you're a dictator, you can afford to be fiscally good.

Should be interesting to see how far he distances himself from the Red Herd currently running.

Sundance sees a pattern here.

...I love, absolutely love, the predictability of it all, and especially how the club managers position the narrative.  Notice the hard-sell: “it could represent a seismic disruption in the Democratic race.”    As if this is an organic new shift in the race, and not a pre-planned, pre-determined, and pre-scripted event being rolled out.  As much as I hate the club handlers, this is why they deserve respect.
The voting base is shocked, s.h.o.c.k.e.d, at the thought of a new entry.  Too funny.
“He’s unlikeable” they shout… While seemingly oblivious to the fact that Hillary Clinton was the club selection in 2016,… because she was so, well, “likeable” or something?

“He’s too green”, someone said….While seemingly oblivious to the “green” that really matters....
It might be too obvious if the Admirer of Dictators were to stand up and say "Run along, children, your Mommy's waiting dinner!"--but that's what Sundance suspects is happening here.

Oh, this is fun!!

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