Monday, November 18, 2019

On Louisiana

Dreher knows Louisiana, and if his analysis is correct (it probably is) there's a message for Republicans here. 

...I voted straight-ticket Republican, except for governor, where I did as I did four years ago, and voted for John Bel Edwards. Edwards is a veteran legislator who is pro-life (he signed the Heartbeat Bill earlier this year) and pro-gun rights. He’s got a record, and he’s got a platform. Rispone is a successful Baton Rouge businessman who has never held office, and, notably, if you check his website, he doesn’t have a platform. He ran entirely on personality: being a conservative Christian Republican businessman endorsed by Donald Trump.

And it wasn’t enough. Not even in red Louisiana, where the legislature is massively Republican....

Not having a platform outside being a friend of Trump?  Seriously?
We've seen flaccid Republican campaigns; they lose.  We've seen the Establishment Pubbies lose, too. 

Edwards won being pro-life and pro-gun.  Hmmm.   Maybe the "W" Party is finally dead

(Yes, I noticed that Dreher went all girly-girl regarding Trump.  One expects that.)

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