Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Charlie Kirk Brouhaha

A few days ago, we mentioned that Charlie Kirk was quite a bit less than "conservative."  In fact, he sings the song given to him by his Libertarian funders.

That explains why Mark Levin loves Charlie Kirk and is stepping up his not-very-subtle attacks on Tucker Carlson.  (Levin also loves him some Watters, which is near-inexplicable.)

Anyhow, Kirk has been getting body-slammed in the Q&A parts of his appearances by a bunch of well-prepared, intelligent kids called "groypers."  They ask the simple questions like "How is it 'conservative' to support queer marriage?' or 'How is it 'conservative' to support removing American citizens from their jobs'?  (Hint:  it's not 'conservative.'  It's Libertarian.)

Tucker Carlson asked the same question, focusing on the F1-B scam.

Kirk was forced to recant.  But Malkin is after more:  the E1-B should be next, and Sen. Mike Lee's ridiculous Enrich the Tech Oligarchs scam should be the next one in line.

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