Sunday, November 24, 2019

SecNav Canned

The Navy is probably the Most Converged branch of service, so when SecNav defied Trump it was not a surprise.

Trump has figured out one thing:  he has far more enemies than friends in DC.  So when this jackwad said "I WILL fire Gallagher," Trump said "Hold muh beer!!"



Anonymous said...

The whole case against Gallagher was a classic clusterfuck from the very beginning. Whiny, butt-hurt team members, incompetent NCIS investigators, corrupt JAG prosecutors removed from duty, and an upper chain of command concerned with nothing more than shining their own brass.

Esper needs to clean house much deeper than just booting Spencer. Mark Milley needs to go, too. As in right now. Every hand that touched this utter embarrassment needs to be handed their retirement papers. If the CiC has to wipe your ass you aren't fit to serve.

Dad29 said...

I said that the Navy is the most "converged" branch of the service, and I meant it.