Thursday, November 21, 2019

Where's the Word "LEGAL" Here?

The local rag ($1 per month special!!!  Please buy our paper!!) runs a story about dairy-farm labor.  The story is very careful not to use the word "illegal", of course.

With unemployment low, many farmers fill openings by passing word to Mexican laborers already on-site, and then accepting the new workers who show up without asking too many questions.

The dairy problem is not easy to resolve.  The market for milk products is getting smaller so prices-paid are dropping; labor expense must be managed or the farmer goes BK and that's the end.

Nobody wants to see that happen.  So should Gummint move in and support farms?  If so, to what extent?

Meantime, the illegals are still here, no matter the evasions in the "news" paper.

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