Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Drug/Sex Trafficking and Agricultural Labor

Interesting article here connecting the cartels and 'cheap' ag labor.

...Many Americans look to our small towns and rural areas as a refuge from some of the criminal problems in the larger cities, yet if agricultural interests are allowed to continue bringing in other countries’ criminals, rural areas might have it worse in the end.

Yesterday, Beth Warren of the Louisville Courier Journal posted an enthralling and detailed report on how El Mencho’s C├írtel Jalisco Nueva Generaci├│n (CJNG) has penetrated many of our rural communities in Kentucky and all over the country with its drug trafficking network. However, an otherwise well-researched article largely glosses over the fact that [the] reason trafficking can blend into these areas is because of the endless stream of illegal immigrant labor serving as both willing and reluctant traffickers for the cartels.

Warren portrays the immigrants in a better light and reports on concerns that “Hispanic workers find themselves looked at with suspicion because of political rhetoric that brands the drug trade and immigration as one and the same.” Nonetheless, she inadvertently gives away the farm, writing that “the cartel exploits its connections with otherwise hard-working immigrants.” Hence, the illegal alien laborer pipeline of drugs, gangs, and crime into Norman Rockwell’s America....
Well, that adds a bit of spice to the stew.  

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