Saturday, November 23, 2019

Speaking of "Elites"....How About Brown U.?

An old friend obtained her M.A. at Brown.  Frankly, I don't think that school is much different now than it was in the '70's.  It's .......ahhh.........

...A student group by the name of RailRoad held the event titled "Prison Abolition 101" on Nov. 8. The group seeks to ensure that the American prison system is "destroyed" and believes that incarceration is inherently unjust and unproductive.

RailRoad member Grace Austin stated during the event that “the end goal is to not have prisons as any form of incarceration," and that "punishment at any stage doesn’t guarantee any kind of growth," according to a report by The Brown Daily Herald.

The student group's stated mission is to create a "world where the Prison Industrial Complex in all of its forms has been destroyed and built in its place are systems of accountability that allow for healing and growth."...
Obvious that this little girl doesn't live remotely near a high-crime area.  Maybe she should ask people who DO live in one of those--but then, what dumbass cause would she take up next?

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