Sunday, November 24, 2019

It's the FAMILY, Stupid!

Forty years on, the Rockford Institute's "Family in America" studies are re-proven.  It is not "race," nor "poverty."  It's family.  And as illegitimacy rises across ALL racial lines, this foretells far more serious societal problems.

A new study affirms what many public policy analysts say is intuitive — that unstable family structure, including chaotic households and single-parent homes, is a primary factor in racial disparities in school behavior and suspensions....


Allan Carlson's work (and the works he cited) was given the cold shoulder by the NeoCon "right" (now largely NeverTrumpers) and their Libertarian allies, and of course, was vilified and slandered by the Left as "raaaaacissssss!!!".


The study is clear that it's not "racial":

...Indeed, among black students who do live with both married birth parents, suspension rates are less than half as large as those for black students living in other family types: 12% versus 28%. The suspension rate for black students living in intact families, 12%, is also less than the suspension rate for white students from non-intact families, 13%.
Here's the key graf from the Secret Service study:

...Ninety-four percent of attackers experienced a "home-life factor" that led to an incident.

"This could be related to family problems at home in terms of let's say domestic violence in the home. Drug use in the home among family members, divorce and separations," Alathari said....
(Important to note that school shooters are almost always whites.  Interesting, no?)

This is not about race, nor about "poverty."

...The study also found that family structure even accounts for more of the racial disparities in school suspensions than socioeconomic factors.

When the researchers controlled for family structure, they discovered the racial disparities in school suspensions reduced by 55 percent. Controlling for socioeconomic status reduced the racial differences by only 38 percent.

“These results, then, suggest that family structure is a signal factor in accounting for real differences in school conduct and school suspensions,” the authors state. “This is especially noteworthy because discussions related to racial disparities in school discipline often overlook the role of family structure and highlight socioeconomic explanations.”...
Prediction:  this will be given the cold shoulder by NeverTrumpers/NeoCons and their Libertarian allies and will be slandered and vilified by the Left, which will refer to the study, the authors, and people who cite this study as "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISSSSSSSSSS!!"

Side note:  the Catholic Church's social teachings have always, always, always, insisted upon "intact families."  Jus' sayin'....

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