Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Insight Warning!

Z-Man is generally interesting.  Sometimes he hits a home run insight.

...The current ructions are not a response to the changing demographics as the suicidal wreckers like to claim. It’s not about the transition to a post-national order. The reason for the growing unhappiness is that modern American society offers no purpose, no beauty and no reason to celebrate life. It’s an ugly age with a sterile ascetic that reflects the transactional nature of the age. This is an unnatural state for people, so the people are increasingly unhappy with life in the material age.

We have argued for 10++ years that the collapse of the Catholic Church in the USA (and Europe) has more to do with Mammon's prevalence than with whether things are in Latin or English.  (And by Mammon, I include not only 'stuff,' but free, or perverted, or sterile--take your pick--sex.)

Were the collapse restricted ONLY to the Catholic Church, it would be a problem; but the Catholic Church is on the same track as are the Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans, Judaism, Baptists.....and truth be told (it rarely is), Mohammedanism.

Yes, it's cause for grave concern.

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