Saturday, November 09, 2019

Move the Feds to Flyover Country!!

This is something I've mentioned before.

Two Republican Senators, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Josh Hawley of Missouri, have a great idea: Move most of the federal government out of Washington, DC. That is, federal offices should be relocated to the nation that pays for them, so that top officials can get to know the people they are administering....

...Specifically, the two lawmakers want to move ten cabinet departments out of D.C. Thus the Department of Transportation would go to Michigan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would go to Ohio, the Department of Veterans Affairs would go to South Carolina, and so on.  

And yes, the Department of Education would go to Blackburn’s home state of Tennessee, and the Department of Agriculture would go to Hawley’s Missouri. ...
That will never happen until after the revolution, of course.  But were it to occur, Virginia and Maryland would turn into red states, and Ohio and Tennessee would go blue.

EPA should be transferred to North Dakota.  They can study global warming there!


Dave P. said...

I think many of them would rather resign than mingle with the proles.

And,to be precise, the EPA should move to Minot.

Dad29 said...

Resign? good. Don't replace them.