Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Wisconsin Goes Red.....

Huh.  Looks like nobody's paying attention to the JSOnline/Gannett/Madistan CapTimes duopoly.

In October, 44% of Wisconsin voters supported impeachment, and 51% opposed it. Now 40% support impeachment, and 53% oppose it.

And he's now beating Biden in Wisconsin 47-44. In October, he was losing to Biden 50-44.

In October, Trump was losing to Sanders 48-46. Now he's beating Sanders 48-45.

Even Warren was beating Trump in October, per this poll, 47-46. Now Trump is beating her 48-43.

Trump was leading Buttigieg, barely, in October, 45-43. Now he's expanded that lead to 47-39.
Splodey-heads all around.  (Results are from the MU Law poll)


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