Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Rest of the Shokin Story

Caught the Clinton News Network (ABC Division)'s George Propaganda-ist's little show this noon.  It's always interesting to hear half the story--and then pop open the InterTubes and read the REST of it.

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from the group American Oversight, the State Department on Friday night released almost 100 pages of records detailing efforts by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani to investigate corruption, which include contacts with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) earlier this year.

While American Oversight's 'gotcha' is that Giuliani had "multiple contacts" with Mike Pompeo and others while investigating Ukraine corruption, they completely ignore interview notes containing detailed allegations by former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin - who Joe Biden had fired, as well as his successor, prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko - who "believes Mr. Viktor Shokin the former Prosecutor General is honest." ...
As you night expect, Shokin had a great deal to say about Biden's corruption vis-a-vis Burisma, the oil/gas outfit headed by a crook named Zlochevesky.

But it was not only Biden.  Kerry's stepson (a Heinz) was part of the game--and an ex-CIA spook, which kinda helps to put the puzzle together, no?  (Hint:  BRENNAN)

"Mr. Shokin stated that there are documents that list five (5) criminal cases in which Mr. Zlochevesky is listed, with the main case being for issuing illegal gas exploration permits. The following complaints are in the criminal case.
  1. Mr. Zlochevsky was laundering money
  2. Obtained assets by corrupt acts bribery
  3. Mr. Zlochevsky removed approximately twenty three million US dollars out of Ukraine without permission
  4. While seated as the Minister he approved two addition entities to receive permits for gas exploration
  5. Mr. Zlochevsky was the owner of two secret companies that were part of Burisma Holdings and gave those companies permits which made it possible for him to profit while he was the sitting Minister.
"Mr Shokin further stated that there were several Burisma board appointments were made in 2014 as follows:

  1. Hunter Biden son of Vice President Joseph Biden
  2. Joseph Blade former CIA employee assigned to Anti-Terrorist Unit
  3. Alesksander Kwasnieski former President of Poland
  4. Devon Archer roomate to the Christopher Heinz the step-son of Mr. John Kerry United States Secretary of State
And of course, Crybaby Yovanovich was part of the problem.

"On a different point Mr. Shokin believes the current Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch denied his visa to travel to the US. Mr. Shokin stated that she is close to Mr. Biden.
Are you shocked?

Who else makes an appearance?  Kent, the State Department's charge-d'coverup.

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