Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How About the $7.4BN Stolen from Ukraine?

Ahhh...while we've all been watching cartoons hearings, ol'Ticker's been reading the real news.

KYIV. Nov 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the "family" of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party....

...MP Oleksandr Dubinsky from the Servant of the People faction said that according to investigators, "the Yanukovych 'family' illegally obtained $7.4 billion and laundered the funds through an investment fund close to some representatives of the U.S. Democratic Party in the form of external government loan bonds."...

Then there's the management folk at Templeton which allegedly laundered the money....

"The son of Templeton's founder, John Templeton Jr., was one of President Obama's major campaign donors. Another fund-related character is Thomas Donilon. Managing Director of BlackRock Investment Institute, shareholder Franklin Templeton Investments, which has the largest share in the fund. It is noteworthy that he previously was Obama's national security advisor," Derkach said.
 Meh on Templeton, Jr.'s donations.

But I recall, there was some opposition to his appointment.  And now he's a Big Guy at Black Rock, putting him solidly into the Establishment/Cloud People class.


No wonder Trump had reservations about shoving $400 million tax dollars over there.


Anonymous said...

The Ol'Ticker has no idea what he's talking about.

Trump was only focused with the investigation of one Ukrainian company when that company just happened to be the only one with the son of a political rival on its board. Any suspected criminal malfeasance falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice and the Attorney General. Several witnesses testified that Trump did not give a shit about Ukraine, but only what Ukraine could do for him personally and politically. Those same witnesses, as well as former Obama and Bush (JR) officials have stated that Trump’s use of a personal attorney and backchannels for the exclusive purpose of finding dirt on potential presidential candidate while in office is unheard of. Legal investigation is indeed relevant when there is an apparent quid pro quo involved here involving the president.

In a nutshell, Trump used backchannels to get dirt on a political opponent while in office, and dangled money as the means to secure information damaging to that political opponent. That is other than legal, nor is it common presidential policy.

Dad29 said...

First off, Ol'Ticker merely quoted the Interfax news report. You should learn how to read for meaning.

Secondly, Trump (and the US taxpayers at large) are VERY interested in the pervasive and all-inclusive corruption in the Ukraine, especially the Ukraine government's obvious interference in the election of 2016. The fact that Burisma is a fountain of cash and corruption schemes is very pertinent to any such investigation.

Normal people in the USA, who are funding hundreds of millions of "foreign aid" for this shithole, are perfectly happy with ANY investigations, led by ANY junkyard dog lawyers who are loyal only to US taxpayers. That eliminates striped-pants Polly Prissies, who have their own agenda and a foreign policy which has been useless since about the turn of the century.

Shove off, pal.