Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Democrat Platform, Condensed

JJSefton condenses the Democrat platform for you.

...Schiff-for-Brains and his cohorts have come up with a new charge, this time bribery, to fling like a bucket of hot Los Angeles derelict diarrhea at the President. First it was collusion, then it was extortion, then it was coercion and now this latest charge. Again, this is their presidential campaign since they have nothing else to run on. Apparently ripping up religious liberty, free speech, baby-killing, gun-grabbing, open borders, confiscatory taxation, nationalization of healthcare and private industry as a whole, Jew-hatred, brainwashing of our children, transgenderism, and the complete dismantling of our culture, history and heritage (among other things) evidently is not that popular in most of the country....
Yes.  It is reported elsewhere that "suburban women" are far more Trump-supporting than they were a few months ago.

Given the above, one wonders what in Hell those dames were thinking about back then?

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