Sunday, November 24, 2019

'Gas Attack' Mess Includes Bolton, UN Agency

Remember that 'gas attack' which caused Trump (and England) to blast the bejeebers out of Syria?

Yah, gee.  It probably was NOT a 'gas attack'; the UN's "watchdog" apparently 'sexed up' its report to push the US into its attack on Syria.  The US Empire* struck Assad as a consequence.

But wait!  It gets better!!

Way back when, when John (War-War) Bolton was our UN ambassador....

...In 2002, in the lead-up to the Iraq war, the OPCW’s then director, the Brazilian diplomat Jose Bustani, was forced from office by intense US pressure. The US’s then ambassador to the UN was the ferocious pro-war hawk John Bolton, famed for his brusque and bullying manner to subordinates.

He is thought to have objected to Bustani’s plans to get Iraq to agree to OPCW inspectors going there to search for WMD. These inspections might have got in the way of US plans to go to war against Iraq at all costs, a decision which had already been made by the White House.

The same John Bolton was Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser at the time of the alleged outrage in Douma and the missile attacks on Syria, which took place a week later. He left the post in September after falling out with President Trump....
And of course, the rebels the US was backing against Assad of Syria are ISIS and AlQuaeda types.

Altogether, it is a very nasty mess.  And I'm not even a relative of any of the hundreds (thousands??) of dead Syrians who became dead due to lying UN bureaucrats and their patrons.

I'm sure Bolton can explain all this, right?  He'll begin by stating that the story is "Russian propaganda" and accusing its writers of 'being Russian assets.'  Oh, wait........that's Hillary's line.

Bolton might have a better line of crap than Hillary.  Or not.

*Empire?  Yup.  See Codevilla's essay which we referenced only a day ago.  This is what your "experts"--all part of the Deep State--have wrought.

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