Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Trump Is NOT JFK

Spent a bit of time yesterday listening to "The Patriot Channel" on Sirius XM, and got to hear someone named Wilkow.

Either he's ignorant as a post or he's a shameless propagandist.  Probably both.

This moron rattled on and on and on about how Trump's speech to the NY Economic Club was a re-run of JFK's speech to the same bunch, given in 1962.

Not quite, Mr. Wilkow.  See, JFK was very careful to mention (and implement) SPENDING controls.  As a result, his 1963 budget deficit/GDP was only 0.7%  (seven-tenths of one percent in case you can't read numbers, Mr. Wilkow.)

Contrast Trump, whose deficit/GDP will be about FOUR PERCENT for 2018.

That's about a 550% increase in deficit/GDP, Mr. Wilkow.

I think very highly of Mr. Trump--except that he spends like a drunken sailor would LIKE to spend.

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