Saturday, November 16, 2019

On Gun Regulation

We all know that California has THE most restrictive "gun laws" in the US.

So when a product of a broken home kills 2 students plus himself, and injures a few more, we have this:'s a fact that you can have universal background checks, a ten day waiting period on firearms purchases, background checks on ammunition purchases, an "assault weapons" ban, microstamping, a "high capacity" magazine ban, red flag laws, "safe storage" laws, age restrictions on purchasing firearms, and dozens of other gun control laws and still have an attack like this happen...

See, it is simply UN-possible that Santa Clarita can happen.

UN-POSSIBLE.  Tokin'Tony knows that.  80% of Wisconsin people know that.  It is UN-POSSIBLE!!! 

Sadly, Robin Vos and Fitz do NOT know this.


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