Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Why Have the CIA?

In the midst of a compelling essay decrying the State Department's dunderheaded "policy" regime, Curtis Ellis detours to the CIA.

...Just as we can’t second-guess our foreign services, we’re told questioning our intelligence services is tantamount to treason.

Let’s look at their track record.

They failed to predict the Communist victory in China in 1949. The fall of the Shah of Iran? Missed that one, too. The collapse of Soviet Union? Didn’t see it coming. The 9/11 attacks? A total surprise. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? They were sure we’d find them. The migration crises following the overthrow of Libya’s Qaddafi and the Syrian civil war? Oblivious. Red China’s ongoing penetration of industrial, military, and government computer networks? They continue to miss it. 

With a record like that, one must ask: What are we paying these people for and why should we regard them as any less fallible than other people?...
The CIA is actually a low-profile Department of War, ginning up revolts and counter-revolts all over the world.  Which would be fine, except for .........Light Colonel Prissy-Pants Vindman.  (Do you know with Biblical certainty exactly whose side he IS on?)

Earlier we mentioned the baleful stare from an ex-spook when I suggested that he tell his pals in Langley that they report to Trump and best hop to it.

Not likely that Trump will pull off eliminating this bunch of idiots and sleazy actors from the public payroll; if he tries, he may wind up just like ......oh........JFK..........

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