Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Chicago Way: Ukraine "Foreign Aid"

Nice column about how things should work if the US taxpayer (you and me, sucka!!) is footing the bill.

But then, there's the Obama/Chicago/Ukraine way.

...[In] Kiev, the State Department was going to give the Ukraine a billion dollars in foreign aid.  Was it the job of the U.S. Embassy to drop millions of American dollars into the operating funds of State Department vendors or State-Department-approved foundations? 
President Obama’s money laundering State Department sent billions to compliant countries including Ukraine and Iran.  Democrat politicians leveraged their positions to place their relatives in positions of authority when the USAID monies were disbursed to those vendors or “charitable” foundations....
IOW, the money traveled in a circle from the US Treasury (sucka!!) to State Department vendors or foundations--which were staffed by (or owned by) various Democrat-connected individuals.  Boies is one name, Biden is another, Heinz (Kerry) is a third, and there's even a Pelosi offspring.

Here, that's called "Money-Laundering" or "FRAUD" for short.

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