Monday, November 25, 2019

More "So What??" Crap from WaPo

The heavy breathing is fogging the windows, and "fog" is the right word here.  I'll provide translations for the bullshit.

A confidential White House investigation into Donald Trump’s decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine has reportedly unearthed hundreds of documents detailing extensive efforts among senior officials to seek an ‘after-the-fact justification’ for the decision - as well as a debate over whether such a delay was legal in the first place.
Translation:  the White House assembled all the documents having to do with sending $400 million to a country lousy with corruption.

Sources say the White House Counsel's Office has expressed concern that the review has yielded some ‘unflattering’ exchanges and facts that could pose some political challenges for the president, as well as cause him – at a the very least – some embarrassment if released publicly.
Translation:  Trump used frank language to describe Ukraine's Corrupt-o-crats and the Democrat National Committee/Ukrainian dual-nationalities who were lying through their teeth about Manafort.

During email exchanges in early August, a month after Trump decided to hold the aid, Mulvaney asked acting Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Russell Vought for a possible legal explanation to back the decision.

Two sources told the Post that Trump made the decision weeks prior without assessment of the reasoning or legal justification.

Dozens of emails show Vought and OMB staffers arguing that withholding the aid was legal, which National Security Council and State Department members protested it wasn’t at all....
Translation:  Trump would not sign the check because of the corruption (there's the little matter of $7++BILLION missing/laundered.)  Since the Deep State--Lt. Col Polly PrissyPants and Foggy Butt--were screeching about "legal," Mulvaney was talking with the lawyers.

Net-Net:  Foggy windows, steamy story, but no illicit babies.  Sorry.  Try again.

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