Monday, November 11, 2019

Tokin'Tony Has a Secret--or Several

When Fox6 runs a story unfriendly to a Democrat, things must be bad.

And they are.

Tokin'Tony refuses to allow Fox6 to review his emails.  Flat-out refuses.

Governor Tony Evers' office is denying open records requests for his emails. The governor's attorney says the decision saves taxpayer resources; transparency advocates say they're worried about the erosion of the public's right to know.

"If you want to see what government is up to, you have to see the emails that they are sending," Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council President Bill Lueders said. "I don’t think [this denial] is a legal interpretation of our open records law."...
The story isn't long, but it exposes the ridiculous position of Evers and his little cabal in the Governor's office.

(Frankly, I don't think Tokin'Tony has much to do with this.  He's just too damn dumb--and it's reported that he doesn't like to work after 1:30 or so in the afternoon.  He prolly has no friggin' idea what's going on in his own office.)

Evers' staff has spread its little Secrecy Virus to other departments in the State, too.  Are they all hiding something?

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