Saturday, November 23, 2019

S.O.P. Slur: Screech "Anti-Semitic"!!

And here we go again!!

...Former National Security Council member Fiona Hill condemned criticism of leftist billionaire George Soros as antisemitic during her impeachment hearing testimony on Thursday.

When asked by Democrat Rep. Raja Krishnamoothi if attacks on George Soros were “antisemitic,” she agreed....
Apparently Ms. Hill and many, many, others don't care that the "Anti-Semite" slur is threadbare.

There's a reason for this, of course.  George Soros is dirty as Hell and happens to be in bed with the Democrats where they are exchanging bodily fluids (and political influence and money) as much and as often as possible.  Why yes, Glenn Simpson is involved.  Yes, indeed, the "do not prosecute" list is involved.

But as to "anti-Semite"?

It means "Your criticism is correct.  We have no defense.  So we'll call names."

In this case, it means "We will protect our criminal class by accusing you of BS."

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