Saturday, July 28, 2018

Will "Owning" LeftyWackos Win the War?

There has been some discussion over the efficacy of "owning" the Wackobirds of the Left--that is, whether winning an argument by virtue of facts and reason is sufficient to convert the turkeys.

It ain't.  There are lots of examples in history of losing despite having all the Fact & Reason cards.  As Mike points out here, Socrates didn't fare well with Facts & Reason, for example.  Neither did Mitt Romney (although yes, Mitt is a twit.)  John Schnatter has to sue his own company because he had the Facts and Reason but lost his CEO slot.  And in Wisconsin, Facts and Reason regarding taxpayers being forced to cough up money for tranny-wacko surgery were the losing cards.

Will mockery do it?  Maybe.

But then there's the little problem of the Wackobirds assaulting people who disagree.  The assaults come in varying degrees from the "shunning" experienced by Dershowitz to the 'shadowbans' and censorship of the intertubes, all the way to bloody beatings in San Jose.  I know people who will not put a Trump bumper sticker on their car because it's going to draw the wrong sort of attention in ANY public place.

So.  Maybe just ignoring the idiot Wackobirds is the best play.  They can come up with all their inane "arguments," but when all you do is smile and move on, they won't get the dopamine of a 'win.'  Then they'll either go away, or escalate.

If they escalate, it's likely that you were in fear for your life or grave bodily harm.  QED.

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