Thursday, July 26, 2018

Even More Lefty Signature Frauds!

The Left cannot get people to sign up for its ridiculous agenda, so it simply invents new people!!

...After launching a massive canvassing effort, Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona submitted 480,464 signatures to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office on the July 5 deadline — more than twice the number required.

However, the validity of the signatures were called into question almost immediately.

An investigation by Arizonans for Affordable Electricity — a campaign that opposes the renewable mandate proposal — discovered thousands of signatures that appeared forged, lacked proper documentation or were outright fraudulent. They filed a lawsuit with the Arizona Superior Court on July 19, claiming the clean energy group only submitted 106,441 valid signatures — less than half the required amount to qualify for the ballot.....

That's not all--the Lefties also employed felons as canvassers.

But you get the idea.  Same crap, different scale, in Milwaukee County (Peggy West) and Dodge County, earlier this year.

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