Thursday, July 12, 2018

Spying on Campaigns: Old Democrat Trick!

Why sure, Democrats spy on Republican campaigns.  Time-honored stuff!

...Rick Perlstein reported in his book, Before the Storm, that “Moyers was instrumental in pioneering an innovation in presidential campaigning: the full-time espionage, sabotage, and mudslinging unit…. The group met in a conference room directly above the Oval Office, because [Lyndon] Johnson wanted to monitor their work closely.  This project was his favorite.”  One of the team members, incidentally, was the CIA liaison to the White House (again, your tax dollars at work).  Perlstein says the team also “retained the CIA’s domestic covert-actions chief, E. Howard Hunt, to place spies in the Republican National Committee (they delivered daily reports to a dummy office in the National Press Building called ‘Continental Press’).”...

Ah, yes.  "St." Bill Moyers, who moved to U.S. Pravda Public Broadcasting after his retirement from Democrat Dirty Tricks.

Well, OK.  He never retired from Democrat Dirty Tricks.  He just changed venues.

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