Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trump Tariffs, the Monster Under Your Beds

In a variant of the typical Lefty news-shaping, we now have typical Mercantilist news-shaping when discussing Trump's Tariffs.  (This link leads to an example of such propaganda.)

Every time you see a "news" discussion about the tariffs from the Mercantile Class, Trump's Tariffs will HURT CONSUMERS.  Blood will flow.  Women and children will die a slow, ugly, lingering death.  Bankruptcies!  Repossessions!!  Liens!!  Collections!!     

Also, puppies and kittehs will be drowned.

This is due, of course, to the Enormous Price Increase Monster, which is hiding under every single bed in America, and only loosed when Trump Tariffs are applied.

That steel and aluminum tariff?  You'll never afford another new car.  Ever.  You'll be driving a 30-year-old heap of rust and your family will be endangered.  (In fact, that particular tariff will add about $40.00 to the cost of a new car--the average price of which is $35,000.00 today.)

In the linked article, we are told that "Middle America" will be paying ENORMOUS, HUGE, TERRIFYING delivery prices unless Trump kills the Bezos-Post Office monster hiding under the bed.  (Wanna speculate with me that the ENORMOUS delivery price will go up about $2 or $3, tops??)

Face facts:  the Mercantilist Class is interested in profit, not "the Consumer" or "the Middle Class" or "Flyover Country."

Read essays accordingly, friends.

Added:  The Left's "business paper" headlines of today tell the same story.

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