Friday, July 27, 2018

Auto Tariffs and Bureaucrats' Lifetime Jobs

This is an excerpt from a presser on AF1 while flying to a RE-OPENED U S STEEL PLANT and to Iowa.  It contains two bits of info which should not be a surprise.  But the jackwad-crybaby-bureaucrats and the jackwad-crybaby imported-car dealers will still be jackwads.  And crybabies.

...SECRETARY ROSS: ...The tariff barriers are considerable. On autos, they have 10 percent. We have two and a quarter percent. Obviously, that’s a very disjointed situation....

It's not "disjointed", Mr. Secretary.  It's flat-out theft--or if you prefer, it's Foreign Aid by other means.

Q Secretary Ross, how long will the negotiation process, do you believe, take with the European Union?

SECRETARY ROSS: Well, that’s very hard to judge. Normally, trade discussions take multiple years. But that’s because they generally have one meeting and then pause for a month, have another meeting. So we’re going to try to do it much faster, just as NAFTA has been a much faster process than a normal trade discussion....

Yah, that striped-pants Haahhvaaaaahhd bunch did very well for themselves by setting a 30++-year  goal for negotiating the tariffs on frog-legs or brie.  Attend meetings, take a month to ...whatever....attend another meeting, take another month.............then collect retirement and "consult" on another 10 years' or so of meetings.  By and by, eventually, in the future sometime, we'll agree to screw the Americans, again.

It's no wonder that they HATE Trump.  

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