Tuesday, July 17, 2018

THE Indictment of the Sixties

Many of you don't remember the 1960's--the decade of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.  During that decade the Supreme Court (majority of Progressive fanatics) and the Democrat Party, which controlled all the rest of Government, set to work annihilating the American family.

Griswold and Roe were linchpins, removing babies from the sexual equation.  Equal pay--jammed into US businesses through LBJ's executive order, was the coup de grace.  Beginning, then, in that decade, the family has been nearly extinguished.

ZMan comments:

...The fact is, kids vegetating in front of a video screen is just another symptom of the same main cause. When most kids grew up in normal homes, there was more organic structure to their lives, so they were less likely to indulge in whatever strikes the fancy of a child. There was a parent around to provide guidance.

It is the hidden cost of ripping women from their homes and putting them to work. Those mothers and grandmothers, staying home to raise their kids, provided a hidden infrastructure to American life. In stable, healthy societies, women maintain the social organizations and the social life of the community. When women are working ten hours a day at an office, that social work does not get done, so something fills the void. That has been the sewage of popular culture, along with state provided stand-ins for the parents.

Traditional sex roles also work as a bulwark against mischief. Fifty years ago, even public schools in poor areas could expect plenty of mothers volunteering to help with various school projects. They would also be the main labor pool at the church and other voluntary community organizations. It’s hard to corrupt these organization when mothers and grandmothers, people with skin in the game, are there to make sure those organizations serve their interests....

I hear head-scratching.  LBJ's action effectively reduced the wages of MEN against the inflation-curve--which was turning north quickly due to the "guns-and-butter" economics of the Democrats.  Thus, as the living-costs squeeze hit homes, women went into the workforce--just to keep up with inflation!  But of course, that's not what happened; the net-net overall effect is that it now takes two incomes to maintain a middle-class standard of living.

In addition, women were bearing children much later in marriage--if at all--and often were not getting married, either, controlling births one way or another through Roe and Griswold.

...By ripping women out of their homes and putting them to work like field slaves, modernity has destroyed the natural framework of society. The state has tried to fill the void, which is why per capita, inflation adjusted government spending has quadrupled as women moved from the home to the workplace. All that government supervision of children and maintenance of synthetic community organizations comes with a direct cost, which shows up in paychecks and the cost of goods....

So what?

Well, the "what" is this:  the cost of governments has grown so much that paying the bills of government requires more workers than are available--and that worker-shortage gets worse every year going forward through 2050 or so due to the reduction in births owing to mommy-working/standard-of-living matters.  We're barely at 2.3 kids/mommy--which is replacement rate only.

Unless you have massive immigration..........which is another very good way to demolish a culture.

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