Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Orange Embarrassment of Pope Francis

"The Orange" is shorthand for the Northern Ireland Protestants.  Northern Ireland has been a Prot enclave for damn-near-ever, and that is a BIG difference from Southern Ireland (the Republic of Ireland) which is largely Catholic.

So this story should be an embarrassment to Pope Francis and even MORE so to the Catholic Bishops of the Republic of Ireland.

This week saw an unprecedented event taking place in the halls of the Palace of Westminster. It was there that a group of elected representatives from Northern Ireland assembled....This pro-life group travelled from Northern Ireland to lobby Members of Parliament at Westminster. The group included a former Sinn Fein Mayor, a Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) member of Northern Ireland’s devolved Assembly, as well as a Social Democratic and Labour Party local councillor. 

...With one voice, this group stated clearly on behalf of those women that they do not want Northern Ireland’s current abortion law to be changed....

Yup.  The Orangemen (and -women) want abortion to remain illegal in Northern Ireland--whereas the "Catholics" of the Republic voted to make it legal--and murderously un-safe for half its victims.

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Anonymous said...

We will never build a culture of life so long as we are looking to central authorities - the Pope, for example - to do the work we need to do. This is not a poor reflection on Pope Francis. Far from it. This is a poor reflection on Catholics in the pews in Ireland.

Culture is not brokered from the top. It is worked out on the grassroots levels.

Get it right.