Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The End of the World for John Perdue?

A couple of posts down, I mentioned that the anti-Trump games of the Mercantilists are exactly the same ones used by the Leftists.  You know:  women and children will die, there will be famines and disease, minorities hardest hit, the End of the World, ............yadayadayada.

And yes, the hysterical Trump-Deranged Press will be pleased to headline all this stuff!!!

...John Perdue, who said that for the past 21 years he has owned a manufacturing company [Macromatic Industrial Controls] in Menomonee Falls that makes electronic items such as circuit boards and other materials, cautioned that the tariffs might result in higher prices or business cutbacks. 

"I will have to cut salaries and looking at eliminating my 75 percent that I pay for health care," Perdue said. ...

I have GOOD NEWS for you, John.  You won't be burdened by all those costly employees when you cut the salaries and eliminate your health-care contribution--so you'll be just fine.

Are we to understand that imported Chinese aluminum and steel will cost you $500K, John?  Or should we assume that you are importing all the parts--including the electronics--from China and you can't build them yourself?


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