Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Sen. Collins' Goddess? Death's Handmaid

Collins (and Schumer, and Baldwin, and Feingold, Feinstein, and.......etc., etc., etc....) worships a goddess.

....And we do not talk about the roots of this ruling: an organization now called Planned Parenthood, founded by a woman many consider the “patron saint of feminism” and who advocated the forced sterilization of African-Americans, Irish and Italian-American Catholics, as well as coerced abortions to limit their population. It was Margaret Sanger’s views on coercive eugenics that informed Adolf Hitler’s own eugenics programs: an ugly truth, but truth nonetheless. Yet this organization receives hundreds of millions of federal and state tax dollars to perpetuate its goals with the imprimatur of our nation’s highest court....

No small irony that:  a woman with an Irish surname and a couple of Jews falling to their knees at the feet of Sanger, whom Hitler admired.

As to Baldwin, who knows?  Maybe her Objective Disorder is the problem.

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