Saturday, July 14, 2018

"Rules Are for Little Priests.": Mgr. Kevin O'Malley

Several days ago, a few Catholic priests from Montana were sighted at a Trump rally, in the front row.

A Diocesan official, one Mgr. Kevin O'Malley, wrote an apology letter and reprimanded the priests.  Something about mixing politics and religion blahblah foofoo blahblah.  (Frankly, I'm cool with that.  The Church's mission is to save souls, not to elect secular 'saviors' of whatever stripe.  The priests made an error in judgment, even though they're supporting the right guy.)

Apparently Mgr. O'Malley has experience sitting in the front row of political events.  Smiling approval of abortion-mongering politicians will not win you any points at the Pearly Gates, Monsignor.

And yes, "The Rules" apply to you, too.

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