Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Green Outside, Red Inside" The Vatican??

Since the publication of "Laudato Si," a quasi-Greenie document of Pp. Francis, the Vatican has been increasing its emphasis on Ecological Issues.  The Pope has bought into the global-warming myth; population-controllers have been lecturing at the Vatican, and now we have "anniversary" events.

Last week, from July 5-6, a large international conference was held at the Vatican which wanted to make a big deal about the third anniversary of the publication of the encyclical letter Laudato Si. ...presided over by Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, together with Caritas Internationalis and the Global Catholic Climate Movement. It was attended by politicians, scientists, economists, and representatives of non-government organizations, all of whom are obviously convinced or in some way promoters of ecologism and the battle against climate change....

Oh, great.  "Saving souls" has morphed into "Saving the whales."

If only this were as ludicrous as it seems to be, eh?  If only this were just some teen-ager "phase" which is silly, and recognized as such.....nope.

...One has the impression that at certain levels, more than a “plastic-free” Church what is really desired is a “Christ-free” Church, in which Jesus is seen as an embarrassing hindrance to encountering people. Speaking from his own point of view – and therefore in a positive way – one of the officials of the World Wildlife Fund in his comments at the conference emphasized how in the title of “Laudato Si” – and thus also in the title of the conference – the choice was made to speak of “our common home” and not of “Creation,” which is a religious term: “The choice to not use religious terminology in the title is the first sign of a great opening to dialogue with all persons of good will.” Or, in other words: let’s avoid speaking of Creation, which has a hierarchical order; let’s avoid speaking of a Creator God who is the source of our responsibility towards Creation – this would be a divisive theme. Let’s speak instead about biodiversity, about saving animals and plants, and about banning plastics. This is how we will all understand each other.... Paleo-Cons have long understood that the "Green" movement was really very, very, Red--as in Communist.  At least AlGore has an excuse for his buying into this thing; he has the IQ of a doughnut.

Not the same with Pp. Francis.

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