Monday, July 23, 2018

Time to Close the FISA Courts?

The weekend's document dump gives any American cause to think about ending the FISA courts. 

Following 9/11, the fever for finding and eradicating Muslims who would utilize terror in the USA brought about the existence of these courts.  Civil libertarians and a number of honest Conservatives were very uneasy with 'secret courts, secret evidence' stuff, but the emotional gravity was too much.

Obama and Clinton, plus their completely amoral and unethical stooges in CIA, FBI, State, and NSA, are making the case for eliminating FISA courts.  Lying and slandering, along with false swearing and perjury are the standard operating procedure for powerful politicians and bureaucrats.  Worse, FISA court judges are usually part of the party-circuit in Mordor-on-the-Potomac, so "favors" can get done.  (Wouldn't surprise me at all if blackmail is a big part of the douchebags' toolbag, by the way.  Ever notice how certain strident voices for reform suddenly STFU?)

Ace's morning correspondent JJ Sefton thinks FISA is a problem, too.

...Post 9/11, we put in place laws, systems and bureaucrats/bureaucracies that were Constitutionally dubious at best, yet sold as necessary for the defense of the realm, among them the FISA courts. It is now painfully evident, that these weapons have been turned on ourselves and used by some incredibly horrible actors to subvert the rule of law, sabotage a political campaign and failing that overthrow a duly elected president and in essence terrorize the citizenry....

Yup.  Oh, by the way:  BUY MORE AMMO!!

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