Saturday, July 07, 2018

Paul Ryan, Lame Duck Useless

We note that Paul Ryan is SERIOUS about the SERIOUS allegations made by a grifter-Ohio State grad against Jim Jordan.

....there was this comment by Speaker Ryan’s office: "These are serious allegations and issues," Ryan’s spokesman Doug Andres said. "The university has rightfully initiated a full investigation into the matter. The speaker will await the findings of that inquiry."

If that’s the standard one might properly ask what Paul Ryan knew about former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s history of sexual misconduct when he voted to elect him Speaker, or what he knew about Republican Whip Steve Scalise’s associations with David Duke and other white supremacists when he shepherded him into his House leadership team.....

Nah.  Not from Ryan, whose "nice little boy from Janesville" image is beginning to look more like the picture of Dorian Gray.

Ryan didn't have a damn thing to say about a bunch of Pakistanis who were sending House of Representatives data, wholesale, to unknown destinations--and who flat-out stole the (D) caucus server to keep investigators at bay.

...The greatest political scandal of the 21st Century isn’t that the Democrats allowed, or perhaps even facilitated the penetration of the House IT network by a ring of operatives with known ties to hostile Islamist interests, it is that once the penetration became known, Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team have done nothing to expose it and to pursue the facts to their conclusion....

The 1st District has an ugly choice coming up:  either a nitwit with Hollywood money or a non-entity who was a chauffer for Ryan.  Sheesh.

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