Sunday, July 29, 2018

Trump Derangement, Sykes Edition

It appears that Charlie Sykes has determined how the Pubbies have fallen.

...Republicans in Congress now not only have to swallow Trump’s erratic narcissism, but also his assaults on the very core principles that supposedly define their politics: fiscal conservatism, free trade, the global world order, our allies, truth and the rule of law....

Yah, he's a narcissist.   But the rest of that stuff, Charlie?  Are you SERIOUS?

Let's take "fiscal conservatism."  Point to the (R) budget issued by Paul Ryan--whether he was on Budget, Ways/Means, or Speakership--which was, ah, "conservative."  Go ahead.  I'll wait.

Here's a second chance for you, Charlie.  When did the (R) Party declare "free trade" to be a 'core principle' of the Party?  I know it's a "core principle" of the Libertarians, who also have  'core principles' of "mary jane for ALL" and "nudity for debates".  And of course, the Koch Brothers have "free trade" as a principle, too.  IIRC, the Reagan formulation was 'free AND FAIR' trade.....

Still stuck for a coherent response, Charlie?  OK, then.  Define "the global world order" for us.  Is that the world order where the US sends troops everywhere because the Pubbie Party is actually in favor of unlimited war?  Or is that the world order where the USA pays for everyone else's defense?  Or where Russia should collapse its borders to--say--the Muscovy region?  Or where we send Large Dollar Amounts to the Norks and Iranians?  Which "World Order" is the "Republican" world order, Charlie?  The one favored by Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Clinton, and Obama?  THAT one?

Well, then.   Maybe that's a hard question.  I'll give you another chance here, Charlie!!  You say that Trump has "assaulted" our allies.  You certainly didn't mean Israel, did you?  Did you mean Germany--the one which is financing Russia through nat-gas purchases and which has sucked the defense tit of this country for about 60 years?  Or were you talking about the Cheese Monkeys in France?  I'm confused; I have seen no missiles fired, no troops deployed......what is this "assault" about which you kvetch?

As to assaulting 'the rule of law.....'?  Nevermind.  It's not worth the pretzel-contortions to you; you'll just have to go back to the chiropractor sooner..... 

It's hard for you, I guess.  Your Globabloney-mercantilist financial backers may have the inconvenience of hiring US workers for a while, while paying significantly less income taxes for that privilege.  Despite that smaller rate, the US' GDP growth will allow pay-downs on the debt, just like the State of Wisconsin's revenue-stream allows Walker to reduce taxes even further, or throw away lots of dollars on Publick Screwels!!

...Republicans tell themselves they are getting a lot of what they want. (Politics is always transactional, right?) They rationalize their acquiescence to Trumpism by pointing to tax cuts, deregulation and conservative judges. Even if Trump’s conduct becomes indefensible, they can always fall back on attacking Trump’s critics, especially in the media....

"Conduct becomes indefensible...."  Charlie--- glass....  houses.......

And by the way, let's play a little game here!!  Clinton's conduct was indefensible, no?  Intern right there in the Oval Office, rape, yadayada. 

OK, then.  Here's the hard one:  was Obama's conduct indefensible?  Go ahead: it's a Y/N question.

Actually, Obama's conduct was perfectly defensible.  Always a gentleman.  Never a (public) mean

Of the two, Clinton and Obama, which one did more to destroy the USA, Charlie?

Right.  The "defensible" one.

Now tell me why the Hell anyone should give a flip what Trump tweets now--or what babes he f*&^%$ 10 years ago.

Go ahead.  We're waiting, Charlie.

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