Monday, July 23, 2018

Why Kiss Up to Putin? Communist China.

Virgil makes a point which I thought was obvious to everyone.

Perhaps it's not.

The Chinese Communists are now the principal threat--both economically and militarily--to the West.  That position had been occupied by the Soviet Union, until the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of communism.

You will note that the Democrat Party has been very, very, nice to the Chinese Communists.  (So were both the Bush boys.)  And of course, the Big Money in this country is perfectly happy with the Chinese Communists, who provide slave labor for them.

Trump saw that and is developing a nice-nice relationship with Russia, which is also threatened by the ChiComs.

The Clinton-era Democrats and their Big Money allies are having a problem with that.  They can go eat s*&^ 

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