Saturday, July 21, 2018

Trump Takes on the War Party's Golden Calf

As usual, PJBuchanan's narrative is spot-on.  That's not a surprise; Trump won the Presidency using a lot of Buchanan's 1992 primary challenge to "Globaloney George" H W Bush.

The summary sentence is something which also occurred to yours truly yesterday as I was having a spirited discussion about Trump's policies with a co-worker.

Here's the graf:

For if there is no war on, no war imminent, and no war wanted, what does a War Party do?

When Trump bitch-slapped NATO and the No-Exit pussies in England, and had the nerve to spend an hour alone with Putin (without the benefit of a State Department 'minder') discussing their grandchildren, and then dropped a load of red meat in the road to feed the rabid-dog MSM, "mis-speaking" a double negative, understand that he is taking on the Golden Calf of the War Party.

That Golden Calf is the now 50-year-old Two-Minute Hate of the Soviet Union.  

But of course, there IS no "Soviet Union."  There is, however, a nuclear superpower whose interests often conflict with the interests of the US.  That superpower also has significant 'other' military resources and technology, and vast reserves of natural resources, and is willing to use them.  

Is that superpower an enemy, or a competitor?

Trump prefers to treat Russia as a competitor, and in that context, the War-Drum Pounders such as McCain, Kristol, and the rest--including large chunks of State Department, CIA, Pentagon, and even FBI policymakers--will have no useful mission.

That, my friends, means that they might not get any more money.

So they need their Golden Calf and will do anything, including attempting a coup against this President.  

And if you think that Communist China agents aren't involved, you are stupid beyond redemption.    

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