Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Elegant Lying: Senate Intel Committee Report

As one might expect, the Senate's Foreign Intel committee has dribbled out a "report" which says that Teh Russians!!! did it.

There's only one problem:  the report is a pack of elegantly-worded lies, just like the same Committee's "report" on Benghazi was. 

...Senators Burr and Warner, both gang-of-eight members, are attempting to bolster manufactured lies from the Obama administration about Russian election interference in an almost identical way that Rogers and Ruppersberger, also former gang-of-eight members, were bolstering manufactured lies from the Obama administration about the precipitating events in Benghazi.   The parallels and similarities around both sets of reports are spooky....

The Deep State consists of State, FBI, DOJ, CIA, and includes some important components of DoD, IRS, and EPA.  (One could argue that IRS is integral rather than auxiliary, but no matter.....)

The Deep State also consists of a large number of Senators and Representatives who gain membership through longevity in office AND through explicit or implicit cooperation.  That's why RoJo will never be a Member of Deep State, but Paul Ryan is and always will be.

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