Thursday, July 26, 2018

Lying Presidents

Was having a ......ahhh........spirited.....discussion with a co-worker about lying Presidents.  The co-worker was agitated because Trump lies.  Well, that led to some thinking.

Discounting the mis-statements (e.g., 3% instead of 5%), white lies (national security stuff), and just plain stupid errors ("yes" instead of "no"), which all of us do, every President in recent memory has lied.  A lot.

Clinton lied to make himself and Hillary very rich, and to make the world safe for sex fiends such as Clinton.

Bush lied because he really didn't know any better.

Obama lied to make the world safe for Muslim terrorists, Communist dictators, and typical US fascist-wannabee bureaucrats, principally in Intel and Justice department places.  He also lied so he could tear apart the world's FINEST health-care system.

Trump lies to protect American interests in trade and geo-political matters.  He lies to prevent fascist-wannabee US bureaucrats in Intel and Justice places, from threatening US taxpayer-citizens.  He lies to make it easier for US troops to kill ISIS and other vermin.  He lies to make the border a real border, not another Obozo "red line" which means nothing. 

So.  Which liar do YOU prefer to have as President??