Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Idiots Running Seattle

Seattle is governed by idiots.

A few months ago, The Idiots decided to levy a special tax on new-construction commercial buildings.  The Idiots retracted that idea after two major-major-major projects were suddenly re-considered by the developers.

Now The Idiots have passed a new gun law!!

Seattle passed a law Monday requiring gun owners to store firearms unloaded and in a secured container.

CB119266 was passed unanimously by the Seattle City Council and makes it a civil infraction to keep firearms unlocked or loaded while not under control of the owner, imposing a fine of up to $500....

"Unloaded.....secured...." means that when the break-in occurs, you'll spend 30-60 seconds jacking around to bring out your weapon. 

Apparently none of The Idiots have wives or children to protect--which, given that it's Seattle--wouldn't surprise me at all.

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