Thursday, July 05, 2018

Ricardo, Seriously??

Was brought up short by a video of Peter Navarro 'splainin' the Chinese Communist problem.

He mentioned that all the Very Smart People (often spelled "Koch-Financed") yap about Ricardo's trade-advantage example--where the Brits are good at sweaters and the Frogs are good at wine, so just trade!!   And isn't that SO much more efficient?

Well, then.  Where does Ricardo mention "Tariffs"?  Where does he mention "Currency manipulation"?  How about "Government Subsidies"?


Well, he doesn't.  And Ricardo's perfect world does not exist--as evidenced by the $800++ BILLION annual goods-trade deficits the US suffers, while Our Betters feed those dollars to PRChina, Germany, and Mexico.

Somebody owes us something.

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