Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Stalin, the Great Failure

Reading 20th Century Russian history which was NOT written by the Communists (or their American fellow-travelers at Harvard, Yale, etc.) is a real eye-opener, particularly about the reality of Tsar Nicky (Nicholas II), who was offed by the Trotskyites.

If you still think Stalin "industrialized" Russia, or that his "industry" produced stuff, or that Stalin "won" the war against Germany, or that the Tsar's reign was nothing but farms and a few horses, you should read this.

...With each day of new research, it becomes more obvious that all technical, geopolitical, economic, or cultural achievements claimed by the Soviets to justify the the overthrow of monarchy and the Revolution would have been achieved to at least the same if not greater extent if the course of Russian history hadn’t been interrupted by a revolutionary catastrophe....

Quick hit:  Stalin gave the US a very nice gift:  Sikorsky.  OK--get the hint?   READ THIS.

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