Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tosa Police Advice....Really??

There are a lot of coyotes hanging around the County Grounds, and some of them are a bit aggressive, particularly to humans and their doggies.

So the Tosa cop-shop has a suggestion!!

...If you come in contact with a coyote, use aggressive hazing techniques such as loud noises, large movements, or throwing sticks, police suggested. 

If hazing is not effective and a coyote is showing aggressive behavior such as growling or snapping, remove yourself and your pet from the area and contact Milwaukee County Parks, police said. ...

Or you could pull out your 9mm and shoot the damn thing.   Observe all of the four rules of gun safety, of course.

Coyotes are, like raccoons, eaters.  They do not eradicate pests.  They raise hell with your garbage cans unless you store them inside your garage.  They have no particular useful purpose.

But somewhere, somehow, a "Save the Coyotes!!!" movement will arise.

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