Tuesday, July 03, 2018

$817 Billion Per Year.....

$817 Billion every year.  That's what the US is giving away to countries like Communist China, Germany, Mexico........and dozens of others.

That's about $2,500.00 for every single US citizen.

Think your kids could use $2,500.00?  Every year?  How about you?

Well, the US Chamber of Commerce, which headquarters on US soil, protected by US soldiers, wants to force you to CONTINUE your and your family's "generosity" to all those people.  The ChiComs, who want to become the world's super-power; the Germans, who are getting revenge for their loss in WWII, and the Mexicans, who return the favor by sending their people here to collect welfare OR to take slave-labor jobs and collect welfare, too!!

Why doesn't the US Chamber of Commerce move to Red China--and take their purchased Congress-slime with them, eh?  OK, how about Juarez?  Dusseldorf?  At least they'd be where they are surrounded by beneficiaries!

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