Saturday, July 07, 2018

Sykes Appears, Ace Body-Slams Him

Po' ol' Charlie Sykes.  After he converted from Lefty crank to Righty crank, he retroverted to Lefty crank.

Ace of Spades has something to say about him.

...If you want to see what's gotten me pissy, watch the Very Principled Charlie Sykes' disgraceful performance at an Aspen Ideas conference, casually slurring all Republicans as the party of "white supremacy" and claiming that our only principle now is "owning the libs." A very popular little catchphrase with the weak-sister, Panicky Horse, Democrats posing as Republicans for career purposes set.

I bet the Very Principled Charlie Sykes used to trot out the "we can't pursue that conservative priority because that would mean we'd lose this congressional race and that would mean less owning of the libs" once or twice before.

He was a radio show host. I have to imagine he relied, more than once, on the old "Well I'd love to do that, but we can't Because Political Concerns" argument in selling his listeners on whatever shit sandwich the Republican Establishment was selling us that week.

But now, "owning the libs" is for racist monsters, and now, winning elections is meaningless. Only perfect fidelity to his liberalish ideas of "Conservative Principles" matter now....

Indeed.   Ace is a Libertarian, so some of his opinions are not part of the actual-Conservative orthodoxy.  Nonetheless, the argument that Being a Principled Loser is better than body-slamming the increasingly anti-civilization Left is becoming a non-starter.  War is not civilized, ya'know.

It's an argument advanced--feebly--by another Right-ish pundit, whose only excuse is that he lives in Madistan, where being a Neo-Con is regarded as being Goebbels. 

Watch that clip (first link above).  Charlie makes the impassioned speech about how the Tea Party was about the national debt (partially true) and how Paul Ryan (Charlie's god-hero) has talked about the national debt for years (absolutely true)--and then promptly forgets that Ryan's House ALWAYS added to the national debt--when Ryan was Chair/Ways&Means and when he was Speaker.

C'mon, Charlie.  You can do better.  And stop calling us RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISTS.

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