Thursday, July 05, 2018

Gotta Love the Poles!

After Jan Sobieski, who destroyed the Muslims at Vienna, Poland has had its ups and downs.

Recently, it's been ups.  They shook off the Communists and elected a Government which seems to have "Make Poland Great Again" as its motto.

...Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczyński has stuck to his guns following a frank interview on the migrant crisis with Cathy Newman, insisting his government will not take a single illegal migrant because that is what his party promised before the elections.

The Channel 4 presenter, who became infamous online following her viral interview with Canadian scholar Jordan Peterson, had demanded to know how many “refugees” Poland had taken, to which the Law and Justice Party (PiS) politician replied: “Zero.”

“And you’re proud of that?” Newman demanded.

“If you are asking me about Muslim illegal immigrants, none, not even one, will come to Poland,” Tarczyński repeated.

“We took over two million Ukrainians — who are working, who are peaceful — in Poland. We will not receive even one Muslim, because this is what we promised… this is why our government was elected; this is why Poland is so safe, this is why we have not had even one terror attack,” he said. “We can be called ‘populists’, ‘nationalists’, ‘racists’, I don’t care — I care about my family, and about my country”

By the way, Sobieski knew what's up.  After his success,....

 “We came, we saw, and God conquered,” wrote Sobieski...

This next battle--which IS coming, no matter the silly fartation of the "Can't we all just Get Along?" idiots, will require guns, ammo, and God.

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