Thursday, April 19, 2007

VTech Wargames

Grim solicited thoughts on 'how to counter' the VTech situation, if you were a licensed concealed-carry student (and allowed to carry on the campus.)

It produced an outstanding group of responses.

Scenario I has prompted two basic theoretical responses, one defensive and one offensive. The defensive response seems rather more popular: that, at minimum, an armed student with proper training and a defensive firearm could secure his own classroom, deny it to an aggressor, and (if an evacuation route were available, as they were at VA Tech) cover the escape of the unarmed.

[In contrast,] ...the offensive response notes that, the sooner the assassin is taken out, the fewer people will die. This mode suggests seeking out and destroying the assassin at once. This position is controversial among respondents

You should read the rest, generally submitted by well-trained and highly qualified individuals.

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